Port of Port Orford
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Visitor Guide

You are invited to visit all Port Orford and the surrounding area has to offer!


Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Constructed in 1870 on Oregon's most westerly cape.  From Port Orford's northern edge, drive approximately 4 miles north to Cape Blanco Road and turn left. The seven mile drive passes by pastoral ranches including the historic Hughes Ranch, now Cape Blanco State Park.

The lighthouse is open April 1 through October 31. It is closed on Tuesday's. Hours are 10:00 PM to 3:30 PM.  BLM tour fees apply.

Hughes House

Patrick Hughes House and Ranch:  A stately Victorian, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Sixes River, was once the center of large ranch.   Visitors tour the home and discover the history of the family who lived and worked the nearly 2,000 acre ranch, now known as Cape Blanco State Park.

Hughes House is open April 1 through October 31 - 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM - Closed Tuesday's. Cape Blanco Heritage Society, a non-profit organization. 

Lifeboat Station, Copyright 2006 T Hewitt

Port Orford Lifeboat Station:  Restored as an interpretive center dedicated to those who served from 1934 to 1970. The headland, an Oregon State Park has some of the best trails and panoramic views of the coast. Trails also lead to Nellie's Cove, the location of the lifeboats. Point Orford Heritage Society continues to work hard at restoration of this historic property.

The station is open April 1 through October 31 - 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM - Closed Tuesday's.


Port of Port Orford:  A unique, natural open water port, home to a fishing fleet launched by crane from a rolling dry berth for each fishing expedition. Crab, cod, rock fish, salmon, sea urchin are just some of the catch crossing the docks during allotted seasons. The pristine waters of the coves offer divers excellent opportunities to discover life under the sea. The port offers spectacular ocean views and storm watching as waves crash against the jetty. (Please use caution when visiting the port during working hours and storms!) Check out: Port Dredging 2007

Battle Rock

Battle Rock City Park:  Located on the south end of Port Orford on Highway 101, Battle Rock is the site of Captain Tichenor's landing in 1851. The exchange between the indigenous peoples and the new comers changed the cultural landscape of the area forever.

Port Orford Visitor Center is located on the east end of the parking lot. Pick up brochures, ask questions or just chat with a volunteer about the interesting aspects of Port Orford and the surrounding area. This beach is a great place for beach combing and searching for sea creatures on the rocks at low tide. Battle Rock is also the site of the annual firework display each 4th of July.

Fish Hatchery, Copyright T. Hewitt 2006

Elk River Fish Hatchery:  Located 8 miles east on Elk River Road, just short of entering the Elk River Wild and Scenic River area. Elk River hatchery raises fall Chinook salmon, winter steelhead and rainbow trout.

Trout are raised and released into Floras Lake, Garrison Lake and Libby Pond after children have had the opportunity to fish the annual Fishing Derby where children under 10 fish for free, trying to catch the largest trout. (They call the big fish "Lunkers")

The drive above the Elk River hatchery is spectacular during the spring and fall.  Don't forget to include at least 3-4 miles above the hatchery into your visit!

Wind Surfer, Copyrighted 2006 T. Hewitt

Elk River / Sixes River: The Elk and Sixes are among Oregon's pristine rivers. These two rivers flank Cape Blanco, Sixes on the north and Elk on the south.

Gold was discovered in both rivers, and in the black sands of Cape Blanco's beaches. Check with BLM (541 756 0100) and Oregon State Parks (541 332 6774) for information on current Gold mining opportunities.

Both drives start with pastoral views, ending in deep river canyons. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy a lazy afternoon drive.

Wind Surfer, Copyrighted 2006 T. Hewitt

Floras Lake/Langlois: Windsurfing, antiques, books and famous hot dogs can all be found in Langlois. Floras Lake is a fresh water lake, separated from the ocean by low sand dunes.

The lake was once the site of Lakeport, and ill-fated town built by dreamers who thought a channel could be cut from the lake to the ocean potentially building a busy ocean port. One small problem: the lake elevation is higher than that of the ocean. Had the canal actually been built, it would have drained the lake.

New to the Langlois area is Piercy Suites a vacation rental with Flair! Visit their website to learn more about this new business located in one of the historic Langlois buildings.


Cranberries: Fields of red dot the roadside between Bandon and Port Orford. Oregon has over 100 cranberry growers accounting for less than 6% of the national crop annually. Changes in the industry now account for a harvest that lasts from September through November, and for some into December. Most berries go into juice, but new products are being developed that are shelf stable. Take a quick photo harvest tour that takes you from the field to a cleaning plant.

Cape Blanco Cranberries is a local example of growing, harvesting and manufacturing a product.  To more about Cape Blanco Cranberries visit their website.

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